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For at least the past 2 years I have suffered with a "sore throat" that was quite debilitating. I went through probably 5-6 of antibiotics, 3-4 rounds of steroids and even an unnecessary surgery before I was diagnosed as having vocal cord bowing. I was sent to Dara Allen-Voice Specialist. Since about June 07, I have been under the therapy of Mrs. Allen, and my life professionally and personally has taken a turn for the markedly improved. Now I am no longer afflicted with the daily 3PM sore throat-am able to function much better; and when the throat does act up, I know how to relieve it..without drugs. Dara has me now off caffeine, I am now drinking water, and she has taught me to speak in a much more vocally healthy manner.

Dara is great. She has a pleasant disposition, and makes this whole process somehow easier and dare I say it, fun. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Matt Sloan, M.D

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